A guide to Fasting and the importance of acute illness

Ali Holden

by Ali Holden

Join Ali in this inspiring video as she talks you through the power of fasting and how to best complete a fast – even if you’re on lockdown.  Nothing will turbo charge your immune system as well as fasting!

In this session she will cover;

  • Why fast NOW?
  • 5 pillars of a healthy cell
  • Importance of deep cleansing
  • The primary cause of disease
  • What happens when you fast?
  • How to prep for fasting success
  • Fasting – how to do it whilst on lockdown
  • Who shouldn’t fast

Fasting is one of the most profound, natural and effective tools for detoxification and health recovery as you will learn when you watch the video below.  This is just a short sample of the complete lecture, so if you find it inspires you then please get in touch with us at team@nutrihealfoundation.com and we will send you a private link to watch the whole thing.

Video Lecture – Click HERE to play 

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To your great health

Ali, Lesley and all the team


A guide to Fasting and the importance of acute illness

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