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Ali Holden

Nutritional Healing, to me, is far more than the wonderful set of courses we offer – it is my passion and my life’s work – I absolutely love it!

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Alison Holden

Lesley Pierce

Having now incorporated Naturopathic Nutrition into my practice and into my whole life, I realise how we can all rediscover our health and well being…naturally.

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Lesley Pierce

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The Magic of Nutritional healing is that it works. Why it works and how it works is quite simple – we work with the body, not against it.

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Introduction Welcome to our NEW blog series called Living Without…..Here we will exp...

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DIY Detox – January 2018

Every year in January, Ali and I shake off the excesses of the Christmas season and align ...

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Last Call For Enrolment. Autumn symbolises letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Enrolment closes shortly; Autumn has always been a special time of year for us.  In Chine...

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DMSO – The aspirin of our era

Is DMSO: The real answer to pain, inflammation and more? What if there was a simple soluti...

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