A personal message from Alison Holden – Founder and Principle Tutor

Each year we are very blessed by the amazing students we attract onto our courses. I believe you resonate with the energy and core values of the college and together, we make magic!

My aim is to reclaim the healing aspects of nutrition. You will study what we eat and how we eat it from many perspectives, the cornerstone of which is ‘using food’ to create an environment where each and every cell in your body can heal and be happy. Over the years, it has become clear to me that how we nourish ourselves (and our soul) is crucial, AND we need also to understand how to support the body to release its stored up toxicity. That is why, at the Nutritional Healing Foundation, we study nutrition in a naturopathic context. You will explore a tried and tested range of naturopathic tools and techniques - these help to open routes of elimination so our focus is clearly on releasing and renewing instead of suppressing and staying stuck.

There are many aspects of your learning experience as a student with us that make our courses unique. Not least the fact that your journey is supported throughout by a dedicated core team of passionate and committed tutors, support tutors and administrators. Any of you who have truly embarked on a healing journey, will realise why I have highlighted this point. I believe, that in order for you to achieve your goals, getting the right guidance, support, encouragement and care can make the difference between a joyful experience or an endurance – I’d rather you had the former!

I celebrate you for even investigating this training, it takes courage to challenge dogma, to stretch ourselves beyond the norm – if you are really interested in learning information that truly empowers, not just entertains; if you are open to gaining meaningful wisdom, then this course will make a remarkable difference to you as you learn how to set an example of outstanding human health, with honesty and integrity.

I will teach you how to live (and how to help other’s live) a life free of pain and suffering, free of prescriptions drugs and common addictions. If you want fantastic health, you can have it…..it is my passion to show you how.

To your good health and happiness

Alison Holden

Alison Holden

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