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A contract is formed between the College and you at the point when you accept the offer of a place in order to follow a programme or programmes of study at the College. The contract is made up of these Terms and Conditions and related regulations and documents. In the event of inconsistencies with other College documents (such as the prospectus or other material which describe programmes of study) or written or oral statements made by the College’s employees or agents, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. The Terms and Conditions standardise existing arrangements in an attempt to clarify the legal relationship between the College and its students and they apply to all students of the College. It is important that you read and understand them. Queries about these Terms and Conditions should be addressed to the Principal at the College who shall be responsible for determining any matters of interpretation.

· A contract is a legally binding relationship between two parties. Under this contract this means the College and you the student.
· The term ‘programme’ means the programme of study for which you enrol.

1. The College reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time both before and after you enrol. Changes may be made in order to:
– comply with any changes in the law or to take account of a ruling by a court or similar body
– to implement legal advice, national guidance or good practice
– to provide for the introduction of new or improved methods of operation, services or facilities
– to reflect market conditions
– to make them clearer or more favourable to you
– to rectify any error that might be discovered in due course
– or further to codify existing arrangements

2. You are required as a condition of enrolment to accept and comply with all College regulations.

3. The College will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver programmes in accordance with the descriptions set out in the relevant prospectuses. However, these documents are produced at the earliest possible date to provide maximum assistance to intending applicants. It is inevitable that changes will occur between the date of printing and the start of the academic year to which they
relate. Some changes may be due to resource constraints, others to staff changes, to developments in the relevant area of study or to external requirements.

4. The College shall not be liable to the other for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under this contract if such failure or delay is due to any cause beyond that party’s reasonable control, and, for the purposes of this contract, will include (but will not be linked to) governmental actions, wars, riots, civil commotion, fire, flood, epidemic, labour disputes (including labour disputes involving the workforce of any third party) and Act of God.

5. The College cannot accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability, for any loss or damage suffered by a student in connection with his/her attendance at the College including:
– Personal injury or death (except where this is caused by the negligence of the College)
– Damage to your property
– The non-return of work submitted for assessment

If despite the provisions of this clause any liability on the part of the College is proven, the College limits its liability to the level of fees chargeable to the student for that year.

6. If false, incomplete or misleading information is provided by you or if circumstances relevant to your admission change prior to, or after enrollment, the Principal reserves the right to refuse admission and to require your withdrawal in particular circumstances where, in the Principal’s view, it is not in the best interests of, or to the maintenance of good order in the College, for you to be a student of the College.

7. The College charges fees for the delivery of its programmes and the primary responsibility for payment rests with you, although in some cases payment will be undertaken by a third party, for example, a grant provider. A contractual obligation to pay fees arises at the point a contract is formed, ie when you accept an offer of a place. These fees consist of tuition fees and in appropriate cases, registration and examination fees you must comply with the relevant fees policies and procedures. In particular, if you fail to pay any tuition fees by the due date specified with the College, the College reserves the right at any time during the academic year to withdraw you from your programme and to withhold all College services and facilities. If tuition fees are to be paid by a third party and that third party does not pay by the due date then you will remain personally liable for the full amount of tuition fees. If at the end of the academic year you are in debt to the College for any charges not previously agreed, the College reserves the right not to allow you to enrol for any further courses. If you are in the final year of a programme, the College may not release your certificate or a letter of confirmation of award, until debts are paid.

8. All applications for a place at the College are considered on their merits within the specific and general guidance in the prospectuses. The requirements stated in prospectuses may be varied from time to time. The College is not obliged to provide reasons for its decisions in relation to applications.

9. Applicants permitted to defer entry to the College will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of enrollment.

10. The contract between you and the College will terminate if you are expelled from the College on disciplinary grounds

11. The copyright of all work produced as part of a programme of study is owned by the College.

12. On entry to the course, you are committed to paying the full fees quoted at time of entry. No refund is available if you choose to withdraw from the course before the stipulated end date. Any monies outstanding at the time of withdrawal must be fully paid in agreement with the college.

13. The College requires payment to terms. If you are late in making a repayment, the College reserves the right to pass your account to a debt collection agency to collect the full amount due. A late charge of 15% plus VAT at the prevailing rate may be added to the sums that they are seeking to recover from you. You may also incur further fees if litigation services are required.

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