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Practitioner Diploma in Nutritional Healing (Online)

This Nutritional Therapy course is made up of three components: Attendance, Home Study & Exam Day. During the attendance days we have a lovely mixture of lectures, demos and practical sessions.

Course Outline

The course begins by looking at the philosophy of Naturopathy & Nutritional Healing which underpins the whole of the course — a wonderful philosophy! You will also learn how to take a case history and how to use that information to understand how someone has manifest their current health picture. You will learn the varied aspects of prescribing a unique, evolving treatment plan. These include hydrating, eating for optimum health, cleansing our cells, bridging the nutritional gap with purposeful supplementation with a nice sprinkling of Chinese 5 Elements and Moon Cycles thrown in the mix to enhance our skills.

Our attendance days are beautifully jam-packed with amazing information, presented in a fun and relaxed way.

All our lectures are audio recorded, so if any days are missed, the recording may be purchased for a small charge in order to easily catch up. We allow flexibility with this part of the course, so there is no deadline for home coursework. We believe that pressure and stress are the very things we are learning to reduce, so it would be counterproductive to introduce any stress into the course.

In this Nutritional Therapy course, here are 19 pieces of work which cover Anatomy & Physiology, Science of Nutrition and Case Studies.

The exams are organised individually for each student when ready to sit them and once all three aspects of the course are completed, you will gain a Practitioner Diploma in Nutritional Healing.

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We have taught Naturopathic Nutrition for over 20 years, and each year gets more interesting than the last. We can’t wait to share all that we’ve learned over that time.

This training really does leave everyone involved:

  • Healthier
  • Happier
  • Fully Equipped to launch their own health practice.
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“I never intended to qualify when I started this course, but I was so inspired by the lectures that I changed my mind!  The attendance days were the highlight of my month, so interesting and enlightening – this isn’t just a journey into becoming a practitioner, it’s a journey towards your own optimum health.  Well worth every hour of attendance and every penny”

Beth – Manchester

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