The Most Powerful Way to Detox Heavy Metals

most powerful way to detox heavy metals
Ali Holden

by Ali Holden

Here, I will show you THE single most powerful way to detox heavy metals and cleanse to recover your health.  This is what has worked best for me and for my clients, because unless you live in a bubble, you are constantly being exposed to devastatingly harmful chemicals.

You are part of nature – which in today’s world is increasingly easy to forget. I’m just reminding you of this because it’s very easy to get distracted by a zillion things to do and a zillion things you should have done. Come to that, it’s very easy for your body to get distracted too, as it struggles to deal with the stress created by the daily onslaught of poison from it’s environment.  Below, I will detail one simple way that you can have a massive impact on your health, by helping to heal every cell in your sick and tired body.


Being exposed (in moderation) to some external toxins, for example, mould, can actually help your body.  It teaches your cells about their environment and creates a phenomenon called hormesis.  This is a mildly stressful state that encourages your cells to work more efficiently. A constant exposure to toxins, however, becomes much more troublesome.

Toxins that your body cannot deal with are stored away in fat cells, messing with your hormones, nerve function, increases fat cells and hardening your liver and so on.  What’s worse, they accumulate over time to become a real danger to your entire body/mind.

Fair to say, that in today’s world, your ‘natural’ body has to deal with a lot of ‘unnatural’ things and when this is the case, it HAS to turn its energy and attention towards an internal state of defence instead of directing its energy towards growth and repair. This causes no end of problems, but most of all, in a state of defence, your body doesn’t give priority to cleansing. This is an intelligent action; after all, you wouldn’t waste your energy cleaning your house if it was on fire and you were in mortal danger!

But if you can’t cleanse properly, eventually you get really sick and you get really tired.

Why detox?

Any detox protocol worth it’s (Himalayan) salt, will help you eliminate these ‘hard to get too’ toxins leaving your body/mind free to heal…heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminium; certain pharmaceuticals and drugs; BPA from plastics you ingest to name but a few!

To detox you need two main things 1) the internal energy needed to cleanse and 2) a way to get fat soluble toxins OUT, that have been stored away in fat cells.

Let’s begin by looking at energy, which means we have to have a conversation about light.

How to Detox Your Body of Heavy Metals and Cleanse

1) Get The Energy to Cleanse…From Light

To have ENERGY you must BRING LIGHT TO YOUR CELLS.  Light IS energy.  And nothing brings light to the body better than the humble flax seed.

Dr. Johanna Budwig used flax oil enemas at the beginning of her treatment protocol to treat many diseases, especially cancer.  A renowned scientist, she dedicated much of her long life to the study of omega 3 – especially FLAX SEED OIL and it’s relationship to light, energy and healing.

She wrote,

“that man depends on the vital electron-rich forces built up in seeds from solar energy (which controls all growth)…….electron systems activate the respiratory function of the cell and [support] blood (haemoglobin) formation……”

She continues:

“The sun is a preferred treatment modality, as is oil, used externally to stimulate the absorption of the long-wave band of the sun…as a matter of fact, the practical application of the oils both on the inside (flax oil enemas) and on the outside (as Eldi oils) allows to largely eliminate all narcotic substances…”

US Pain Institute’s report included: “What this lady does with her oils, none of us manages to do via painkillers”

Flax Oil Enemas – a natural defibrillator for every cell in your body.

Much like a person having a heart attack needs a ‘jump-start’ from a defibrillator, the use of flax oil internally (by an enema), has the effect of activating your cells’ electron system. The jolt of light from the oil (photons), in short, jump-starts every cell in your body. This awakens your cells, flooding them with vitality and bringing them to life.

It is this increased energy that helps your cells to heal, naturally.

The remaining problem is how to Detox Fat Soluble Toxins out of a big watery sack (your body).

2) How To Eliminate Fat Soluble Toxins

According to Udo Erasmus (author of ‘Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill’), the added benefit of flax oil enemas is that they allow ‘fat soluble’ toxins to be absorbed into the oil via the lymph system in the colon – once absorbed, the toxin-laden oil is then eliminated from the body.

Flax oil enemas bring light IN and removes waste.  Now that’s a WIN-WIN.

The Role of ENEMAS in Detoxing Heavy Metals

Students will often look at me with a puzzled expression when I first introduce them to the role of enemas in healing. They ask “Why are we talking about a relatively unnatural technique on a course that dedicates itself to ‘nature cures'”?

My answer is simple…we are not living natural lives. Get over it!

The Most Powerful Way To Detox Heavy Metals


An enema is the introduction of a fluid, for example, water or an oil solution into the large colon via a nozzle which is attached to an enema kit. The kit is simply a receptacle that holds the fluid.

Up to 2 pints of enema fluid is to be held in the lowest part of the colon, that is, the sigmoid colon. Colonic irrigation, by comparison, uses about 5 gallons of fluid and will reach right around to the hepatic flexure.  Enemas are easy to do at home, cheap and safe.

Enemas are beneficial for a number of reasons. They may be used for;

  • Retaining supportive fluids in the bowel (for example, linseed tea for hydration or chamomile tea for relaxation)
  • Flushing waste out and encouraging the body to use the bowel as a major route of elimination (70-75% of waste should be eliminated through the colon)
  • Treating the liver, via the haemorrhoidal vein, which then carries the substances to the liver from the colon. The healing action delivered to the liver will depend on the substance being used. Flax oil enemas, for example, stimulate its electron system

Many types of enemas are possible to administer via an enema kit. Clean, filtered water can be used, also aloe vera, herbal infusions, apple cider vinegar, organic coffee, flax (linseed) oil, & linseed tea to name but a few. Adding remedies such as homoeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies and other vibrational essences (and in some cases dissolved supplements), can also have a therapeutic effect.

How To Do A Flax Oil Enema

  1. WATER FLUSH.  It is useful to do a water flush first to clear the bowel and aid retention of the oil. Insert 1-2 pints of clean, warm water into the colon. Release straight away.
  2. PREPARE THE FLAX OIL.  Mix 250 ml of organic flax oil (linseed oil) with 100ml of very warm water and bring this mixture to elbow temperature (i.e. warm not hot!)
    Pour the oil and water into the enema kit and undo the stop gap to let the water run down and out of the tube. Turn it off when the oil appears so only the water is lost.
  3. INSERT THE OIL RECTALLY.  Laying flat on your back on an old towel, insert the small RECTAL NOZZLE (for goodness sake, don’t use the larger vaginal douche nozzle). Relax and let the warm oil enter your bowel.
  4. DURATION.  For protection, place an old towel on your bed and relax for 1 hour (lack of gravity is your friend in these circumstances), although the oil is usually easy to hold. As you are infusing the body with light and colour, a great idea is to use this time in peaceful meditation, allowing your body to experience the photon/electron exchange. Do something lovely, creative, inspiring, like a circle of dreams or a guided meditation.
  5. RELEASE THE OIL.  After an hour release the oil. Usually, the body is very happy to hold the oil and is not in such a great hurry to release it all at once, so if you have to go out, a top tip is to do another warm water flush to eliminate any remaining oil.

Super-Charged Cells

Always remember one simple truth, you ARE your cells.  SUPERCHARGED cells can literally turn your health and your life around. I say this because ‘cleaner’ cells produce healthier ideas, thoughts and emotions. They give you higher levels of energy, motivation, strength and stamina. You simply cannot get these things from a cell full of rubbish.

To happy, healthy cells,

Ali xxxxx

Alison Holden (with my most wonderful business partner, Lesley Pierce)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Nutritional Healing Foundation, please visit us at

Where can I buy an enema kit?

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Where can I buy organic flax oil?

Flax Farm



Disclaimer: this article is based on the opinion of Nutritional Therapists, Alison Holden or Lesley Pierce (unless otherwise noted). The information is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified therapist, your health care professional or your own intuition.  It is not intended as medical advice, rather a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Alison Holden/Lesley Pierce and their community.  Their goal is to inform you so you can make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before using products based on this content.

The Most Powerful Way to Detox Heavy Metals

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