Radical Forgiveness with Ali Holden

Ali Holden

by Ali Holden

Radical Forgiveness

In this lecture Alison Holden will show you how to change your life by changing your perspective on why events happen or why situations occur repetitively in your world.  Radical Forgiveness (Colin Tippings concept) explains the difference between traditional forgiveness and radical forgiveness – the ability to understand and leap forward past a person’s victim mentality to a place of freedom from the past.

This is just a short sample of a lecture given by Ali here at college.  If you would like to access the full version, then contact us on Team@nutrihealfoundation.com or call our team on 01749 671555.  A Prospectus with full details of our training courses can be found by completing your details HERE.  

To play this sample video clip then please click HERE 

After the lecture you can download and complete the worksheet HERE and complete the process for yourself.  If you wish to delve deeper into the work of Colin Tipping then have a peek at his website www.radicalforgiveness.com


Radical Forgiveness with Ali Holden

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