Jayney Goddard – How to become the ‘Go To’ expert in your industry

Jayney Goddard

by Jayney Goddard

How to Become the “Go-To” Expert in Your Field

In this unmissable, proven-to-work tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to discover your own unique ‘zone of genius’ that will set you apart from all the other practitioners out there.  Jayney will help uncover your own unique niche – where you’ll be able to serve those ‘dream clients’ that you really want to work with.  All of this will set you up to be THE “Go-To” expert in your field.

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This is just a short sample of a lecture given byJayney at college.  If you would like to access the full version, then contact us on Team@nutrihealfoundation.com or call our team on 01749 671555.  A Prospectus with full details of our training courses can be found by completing your details HERE.  

Jayney Goddard – a profile

Jayney is President of the Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) – the world’s leading professional membership body for complementary medical practitioners and elite training schools.  Acknowledged to be one of the leading experts in the complementary medical and natural anti-ageing fields, she ensures that everything you’ll learn is fully research based whether the topic is complementary medicine – or practice growth.

A hugely popular keynote speaker and author, Jayney teaches worldwide, and has written several international bestsellers including the ground-breaking “Rewind Your Body Clock: The Complete Natural Guide to a Happier Healthier Younger You”.

A hugely successful practitioner herself, she really understands the unique challenges of our field and she is absolutely dedicated to helping you to excel in the exciting and highly rewarding field of natural healthcare.  As President of The CMA, Jayney has personally supported tens of thousands of practitioners to thrive personally and professionally in their work over the last three decades – she’ll show you exactly what works so that you’ll be able to help more people, doing the work you love.

With Jayney Goddard, MSc, FCMA, PG Dip, Education, FRSM, FRSPH,

To follow her work then look Jayney up online;

Websites: The-CMA.org.uk   JayneyGoddard.org

YouTube: Jayney Goddard Twitter: JayneyGoddard

Facebook: Jayney Goddard MasterClasses Instagram: JayneyGoddard



Jayney Goddard – How to become the ‘Go To’ expert in your industry

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