What is CBD? With Claudia and Rory from Mighty Green

Ali Holden

by Ali Holden

We are honoured to have Claudia Le Feuvre and Rory Batt from Mighty Green sharing their wisdom with us!  In this lecture they aim to provide practitioners and students with a great introduction to the power of CBD.  In their presentation they will specifically cover;

  • Who are Mighty Green?
  • What is CBD?
  • Is CBD Safe?
  • Types of CBD & Chemical Constituents
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System?
  • Cannabinoids and CNS modulation and homeostasis
  • Cannabinoids, Immune modulation and inflammation
  • Omega fatty acids and cannabinoids
  • Adaptogenic properties of CBD
  • Balancing the ECS
  • CBD and… sleep/ addiction/ anxiety/depression/pain – clinical trials with CBD
  • Clinical Findings

You can watch a sample of this lecture by clicking here  If your interest is piqued and you wish to view the whole lecture then please do contact our office on team@nutrihealfoundation.com and they will issue you with a private link.

As a ‘Thank You’ to Nutriheal students and friends of the college they are also offering us all 10% lifetime discount on their products by quoting ‘Nutriheal Online’ so do give them a whirl.  You can find their full range of goodies by clicking here 


What is CBD? With Claudia and Rory from Mighty Green

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