DIY Detox – January 2018


by Ali Holden

Every year in January, Ali and I shake off the excesses of the Christmas season and align our energy and motivation for the year ahead by doing a juice fast – and this year, we are inviting you to join us.

No need to trek to Spain for this one – we are offering you the opportunity to detox ‘virtually’ from the comfort of your own home. Technology now means that we can ‘run’ events at a distance, offering an opportunity for literally anyone to engage with the work we are doing here at The Nutrtional Healing Foundation… everyone can play ? no limits!

We intend to offer a 4 day experience which will follow a similar format to the one we use for our Spanish Detox retreats….early morning yoga session, morning juice, Lecture/demo along with a Q&A session, followed by space for you to do your techniques and relax. Regular juice breaks throughout the day will be followed by another talk/demo and a final yoga session before settling in for the evening with your broth!

The cost of joining us will be £99…..£49 non refundable deposit on booking and £50 payable one week before the retreat starts.  Perfect for those of us with a January shoestring budget.  Given that it’s a small budget event we can’t promise the full Spanish experience for £99…..but we can promise the following;

  • Detox will begin at 7pm on Thursday 11th January and end with a raw meal at 7pm on Sunday 14th.
  • 2 Yoga classes and 2 talks will be provided each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday via our brand new live training environment.
  • You will prepare (or purchase) your own fresh juices – recipes and suggestions for this will be provided in advance.
  • A private forum will be provided for group chats and any questions you wish to ask for your detox support team. We will be right on hand to nurture you through every step of your journey.

Passwords will be delivered in advance so you can access our training forum which will be packed with timetables, recipes and lots of hints and tips for a successful detox experience.

More details will be rolled out as we get closer to the event date.

Intrigued? If so, then get involved! If you think that you would benefit from a post-Xmas cleanse or just love the idea of being connected to a wider group of like minded souls then this may a Christmas gift you can give to yourself!  It’s also going to be a one time opportunity for those of you who might never be able to join us in Spain due to ongoing work or family commitments or financial challenges.  We also think it might appeal to those of you who are ‘virgin detoxers’ and want to dip your toes to see what all the fuss is about.

We’re totally fired up about our ability to make detoxing available to a wider audience and we hope that you are excited and able to be part of this new adventure too! If you wish to take part then call us on 01749 671555, text us on 07527639936 or email to reserve your space.  To help you decide we’ve anticipated a few FAQ’s below to address your initial, fleeting musings, but as it’s a brand new launch we have no doubt that there will be a gazillion more queries that we haven’t thought about – so simply ask – help us prepare for every eventuality!

Into a brave new beyond we all go – together hopefully ❤❤

Big hugs

Ali and Elaine x


Why would I pay for this when I can do this at home on my own?

Based on our own experience it is sooooo hard to muster up the motivation during the cold dark winter months to fast.  So the biggest thing that a group detox will offer is structure, support and guidance during your detox and most importantly the impetus to complete it! We are envisioning a massive level of group support and encouragement across the country beaming into each of your homes.  You will also get to listen to some amazing speakers and have a chance to address any issues that come up personally with one our detox team.

It’s not long enough for me – I’d like to detox for a week

No problem! We understand that seasoned detoxers prefer a more in-depth experience so when we conclude the experience on Sunday the 14th we will leave the training environment open until the 18th of January so you can continue to access the videos and connect with any others who are also extending their fast.  We will not be able to provide individual support for you after Sunday the 14th January.

I would love to do it but haven’t got a juicer

No worries.  There are masses of small companies who will provide fresh juice to your door, or health food shops who sell vegetable juices for you to consume as part of your fast.  Fresh out of the juicer is always the gold standard but the name of the game is to give your digestive system a little rest so you can work with what you can access.

Won’t I feel a bit lonely on my own?

You will be part of our ‘virtual’ community but why not invite a friend (or two) to stay for the weekend and tackle it together? N.B.We will still ask each individual to pay the fee for participating. Then, if you want to retreat ‘Spanish stylie’ then you can turn the heating up full blast and lounge around in your bikinis for the duration!

I haven’t got access to the internet

This is really the most vital requirement for you.  You will need to be able to watch your yoga sessions and demos and of course chat to us and the other participants……

I’ve never made potassium broth before

Well, if Elaine (who can’t even boil an egg) can make it –  then anyone can.  We will supply you with the recipe and full instructions for making a perfect batch……you simply chop, boil and then simmer for as long as possible.  Alternatively, you can switch this out for a juice if you prefer.

DIY Detox – January 2018

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